Wednesday, July 15, 2015

did I just hear you - a poem

Did I just hear you
Call out my name
Or my mind is
Again playing a game
Did you just missed
Me and sighed
Or its my heart
Making me insane ,..
Did you just
Wiped my tears
Or summer rain
Washed it away
Did you just
Kissed my forehead
Or its the
Butterflies mistake ....
Did you
Just whispered
Me a verse
Or its my own
Murmur of words
Did you just
Walked across
Or I am again
deaming with
Open eyes.....
Did you
Just closed
My eyes or
Its my satin eyes
Drooping by
Did you tell me
You will come
In my dream
Or its my heart
Imagining thing,...
Did you
Just wake me up
Or its the sunrays
Tickling my face
Did you whispered
Good morning in
My ears or its
The birds chirping
On the trees....

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