Thursday, July 9, 2015

like a candle i am burning - a poem

I am someone
Unfit in this
Normal World
Yet trying to
build my space
Through words
Writing my heart
New found solace
Helps me live better
One day I will be gone
Leaving my words behind
They well gleam like star
In your heart and
Maybe you will
Know me better
A bit weird ,outspoken
Too much emotional
That's how I am
Yes I'm flawed
Bit scarred maybe
But that's me
I don't want to be
Loved by all
But when I love I
Do it from my heart
Come closer only if
You can heal me
Or there's a raging inferno
Which can burn your soul
Like a hollow moon
I want to shine with words
With trembling hands
I want to keep writing
Till I die
No need to break me
Open to know me
Read my words
You will reach my heart
So till I live let me breathe
Let me say it all through words
Like a candle I am burning
Leaving trail of words,..

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