Monday, July 13, 2015

things that make me smile - a poem

When rain falls on
Dried up leaves
Giving a feeling
That you caressing
My scars....
Butterfly flutters
So near making me
Feel that you near
Whispering sweet musing
In my ears ...
When balmy breeze
Wafts in through window
Touching my
Trembling hand
When I write my musing ...
Spilled ink mixed
With tears on paper
Reminding me of
Time when I missed u
While writing ....
Sheaf of pages
Of scrawled across
Memories kept somewhere
This and so many
More things
Are the things which
Make me smile my love ..
As you are with me always
Living in a part of my heart
And my wandering soul
Is happy with You in
My heart,..

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