Thursday, July 30, 2015

thorn of glass - a poem

We all need
Thorn of glass
To prick us
sometime in life
To make us
Realise who we
Really are or
We keep taking
Wrong stride ,,,
Unless there is
Self reflection
In our own heart
We are living a
Dead life with a
Beating heart inside ....
When we look
Back & read our
book of life there
Should be smile
On our face when
See the faded tears
With words written
In it...
With time there
Will be blackout
Of memory and maybe
Our beautiful mind
Wont think the same
Then maybe I will Sit
Back and read my words
To keep myself sane ,...
Writing is just
Chaotic embrace for me
With life and a vent to
Pour out my feelings
For things which
Choke me inside,...


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