Saturday, July 25, 2015

transformation - a poem

Transformation - A poem

Just like a small
Bud transforms
Into lotus while
floating I water
You have unfurled
My soul and now
I know myself more ...
I am no more
what I was
I have left it
Behind somewhere
Change was needed
I know but such
 I never expected....
Maybe you were
Supposed to be
Reason for this
Or I wouldn't have
Walked on this path ahead
I was floating vaguely
You showed Me the direction ahead
So I leave a
Trail of undressed
Thoughts daily to
Die and live again
Bleeding words
Continuously to
Cure inevitable ache
And breathe again ...
Maybe one day
Will have answers
To all questions
In my mind
Why I heard
Whisper of unlaced dream
& started with page one
Of new life ...
Now I feel my
Inner core &
Talk to myself more
I never knew so
Many things about
Myself so yes this
Transformation was
Much needed...


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