Saturday, August 22, 2015

caught in smoky - a poem

caught in smoky - a poem

Caught in smoky
haze of memory
She was trying to
Live her life and he
Kept getting stars
For her to make
Her days gleam
Like night ....

She would weave
Her ache in verse
And scatter everywhere
And he would collect
Them and bind together ..

For some moment
Of happiness with him
She would wait
Day and night
Standing alone
Near lake when
Moon would shine ...

Her glass heart
Would break everyday
But he would always
Pick the pieces
And put it all back
Making her feel loved
By his caring ways ...

In his presence
Her dark verse
Would turn into '
Love verse
And even moon
Would wait to '
Read her words ...

Image and poem copyright 2015 notyet100


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