Saturday, August 22, 2015

her heart - a poem

her heart - a poem

Her heart was
Made of steel
And she was
Engulfed in sadness
Always but that
Didn't deter him
He kept trying
Till she was in
Love with her life..

He said I will
Follow you till moon
Will make
Your pain mine
And ready to go
Against the tide
But don't ever
Stop smiling ...

He removed
Smoke of bitter
Memories with
His love
Told her You
Are not alone
I am there always .

Her ache was
Converted into
Beautiful memories
Crippling fear into
Eternal stories
And words into
Poetry ..

Now every night
She stands alone
Near the window
In wait of moon
To talk about her
Love whom she
Misses always ...

Weeping trees
hear her sigh
Stars write
rhyme and
Moon hears her story
And sprinkles moondust
To dry rain like tear

With changing light
Of dawn and dusk
She is filled with
Longing to curb
Pain In her heart
She keeps writing verse ...

Poem and image copyright2015 notyet100

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