Wednesday, August 12, 2015

its not just about sunshine - a poem

Its not just
About sunshine
& flowers
Its about memories
We made under stars...

Its not about
Promise and wish
Its about those
Nonsensical musing
We whispered...

Its not about
Forever or eternal
Its about moments
Which we spent together ..

Its not about
Spending time
Its about being lost
In each other with no
Track of time ...

Its not about
Moon dance or dawn
Its about the stars w\
Which we would count ...

Its not about
Its how our soul
Is still entwined ...

Its not about the
Laughter we shared
But about the way we
Dried eyes of each other...

Its not about the
Memory curse its
About the beautiful
Moments which has
Tangled our shadow together...

Its not about
Forgotten memories
Its about the blank canvas
On which we painted
Our story together...

Its not about
Too many moments
Its about being
Surrounded by love
Whenever we were together ...

Its not about
You or me
Its about us
And our story ...

Its not about
How many times
I broke down
Its about how
Every time you
Would hold me together ...

Its not about
Going by the law
Its about forgetting
Everything and being together..

Its not about
Desire game
Its about feeling
Connected as if we knew
Each other since ages,..

Its not about what
We know
Its about things yet
To be written in our life
Planned by destiny
While we wait with
Open eyes...

Its not about
Dream we shared
Its about how we
Would stay together
Even when we would part...

Its not about
My or your life
Its about some
Connection which we
Have to still find ..

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