Monday, May 12, 2014

book I loved - A shift in the wind

A shift in the wind – book I loved



When I got the book A shift in the wind by Aminuddin Khan  from the library I never knew that this book would keep me hooked till I finished it ,the only reason I picked this book was because this book is about Nizams of Hyderabad ,whenever I go to library I usually forage for such historical books which will enlighten me more about my own country and that’s what this book did. This book is about Zafar who is brought up in a noble family of Hyderabad, what happens when he falls in love with a married lady who is not ready to leave her aging husband  for him is what the book about .This book is about Zeba too and so many other characters who will keep you entwined till the last page .
Some lines from the book which caught my attention are
-          Try and control your mind.It is easier than you think.Yes it requires patience,perseverance.

-          To be alive ,one must relish life in its entirety.

-          All power comes from within your mind.

-          The world is what you think it is ,and  what you believe it to be is what you will experience.

-          Do not get carried away by popular misconceptions of what the controlled life entails. One does not need to retire to a cave in the Himalayas.The practice of giving up everything is unnecessary. There is no need to reject the world and strive for the eternal.Life itself is eternal and we are its expression.

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