Sunday, August 30, 2015

just be mine - micropoetry

I don't promise you
a beautiful life
But yes slowly
As you understand
Me maybe you will
start loving me for
Now will you just
Be mine ....

Image and poem copyright @notyet100

memories always - micropoetry

She looked out
As her tears
Flooded her eyes
Yet again
Scattering on the pages
Just for one thing
Always ..

Image and poem copyright @ notyet100

melody of stars - micropoetry

 I don't watch
Sky to listen
Melody of stars
Or search
Shooting stars
I gaze at it to
See moon as I know
You do the same always...

like the silence - poetry

Like the silence
Needs storm..
Like the sky
Need stars ...
Just like that I
Need you always ..
To hold me when
I am breaking down...

Thursday, August 27, 2015

silent prayer for myself - a poem

My prayer
For everyday
To live life in a
Beautiful way
To love myself
And listen to my
Heart ...

To keep looking
For Stolen discovery
About myself
& trying to find
My lost soul everyday

To hear melodies
In minor chord
And convert them
Into verse

To remove jealousy
From air and hatred
From depth of memory
And let it go forever ...

To heal my pain
However deep it
Is through words ...

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

thank you note

Thanks for loving me
As I am friends
For accepting my
Jagged edges which
Sometimes bleed verse..
Thanks for listening
Me through my words
And reading me through
My broken verse and making
Me feel I belong to your world...

Monday, August 24, 2015

handwritten verse for my son

The way You care
For me suddenly
I feel You have
Grown up ..
I seldom write
About you
But In my empty space
You always there....
Son thanks for
Being there always
Life is beautiful
Because of
Your presence...

broken wings - a poem

broken wing - a poem

This is not
A story
Of you or me
But of everyone
On life's journey ..

We are born to live
But sometimes we
Feel suffocated
As if theres no freedom
And our wings have been cut ...

We try to fly
With broken wings
And bruised heart
By trying to cross
Barbed wire and
Getting more hurt
In the process..

How deep is the
Pain don't ask
We try to seek
Happiness through pain
Try to shine on
With tears gleaming
In our eyes as we
Know theres no end...

We try to find
Refuge by writing
Our insane thoughts
And thinking this
Will bring us happiness
But this is just a support
To carry on with a smile forever ...

Hundred of way
To  find happiness
But some days not
Even one works
We feel lost fighting
Our own crippling fear ...

But maybe this is
Also  a way to teach
Us things we will never know'
To tell us divine light
Exists in us and we
Alone can make
A new way for us..

Poem and image copyright2015 notyet100


Saturday, August 22, 2015

that feeling - a poem

that feeling - a poem

That feeling
When you are
Lost at words
But want to
Say something
You keep struggling
In your heart
But don't know
How to say it all

That verse
Which is in
Your heart
But you can't
Write in words
That wish which
You want to
Fulfil but can't as
Its not in your hand...

That longing
Which burns
Your heart
But thought of
Which brings
Smile to your face
That star which you
Love but is too afar ...

That dream
Which follows you
Every night
That shadow
Which is always
With you but
However hard you
Try you can't catch it...

That ache which
Has turned you
Into a poet
And making You
Fill pages every night
That changing light
Which engulfs you
With pain always ...

That moon which
Sneers at you still
You wait for it everyday
That rain which burns
You Still you wait to
Get drenched ...

That standing alone
And gazing at sky
As if it will answer
Your questions
That colour of
Your mind going
Black and white
With memory...

That ebullience
Which you fake
Everyday to hide
Pain in your heart
Those tears which
Keep smudging
The words in
Your verse ...

That smoke of
Memory in front
Of your eyes always
But You love being
Engulfed with it
That music which
Speaks your story ...

That unknown
Comfort in writing
That spanning of
Wheel from morning
To night knowing
You wont get anything ..

That empty hour
When You do
Nothing except
Tearing pages
One by one
That going against
The tide coming
Back empty hand ...

That flutter of heart
In anticipation  of
Someone knowing
That they wont come
That talking to stars
As If they know
What's going in
Our hollow heart

That going to bed
Thinking everything
Will be fine next day
But the next day
Burning in the same pain
And hiding it again ...

That labyrinth of
Thoughts creating
Havoc in your heart
That happiness of
Few minutes but
Bringing smile
On your face for hours ...

That wait for
Dream dealer
To go to moon
That disconsolate
Feeling among
Your own
That urge to keep
Writing till pain
Disappears ...

That jumbled space
In you mind filled
With precious memories
Those lone night
When you sit and
Fight pain by
Converting them
Into verse...


Thursday, August 20, 2015

weeping trees - moonverse

Weeping trees - moonverse

she would collect
Rain from weeping
Trees to add some
Some magic in her poetry
Moon would sprinkle
moondust to make
Her verse gleam forever


moondust on pages - moonverse

Moondust on pages - Moonverse

Moon would
Read her recycled
Words every night
And she would know
This when she would
Find moondust
Scattered on the
Pages in her book
Of verse ....


poestess life - poetry moonverse

Poetess Life - Verse

Life was same for her
Only difference
Before she used to read
And now she was being read
Everyday a new page
From her life with moonverse



Tuesday, August 18, 2015

thats how you become poet - a poem

Maybe that's how
You become a poet
But no regrets ...

Its like dieing
And living everyday
Its like splurging of
Emotions suddenly
Or being engulfed
By a wave of pain ...

Feeling flutter in
Your cornered heart
Finding beauty in
Searching star in
Midnight stained sky
Making moon your
muse forever ,,,

Getting lost in
Being in awe of
Hearing murmur of
Words always
Misbehaving heart
Creating chaos
Because of untamed
Raw emotion ...

But you are
Never alone when
You are a poet
You are always``
Surrounded by
Myriad of things and
Feel belong somewhere else

You don't know
Where you belong
You are lost always
In chemical insanity
Of pen and words
Losing your identity
Or finding your new self...


her first poetry - apoem

Everything was
Waste for her
All she needed
Was herself
The day she found
Her happiness within
That day she wrote
Her first poetry...

She let it out all
Her pain her joy
As words
And yes
She felt liberated....

By writing she
Got the ultimate
Taste of life
Her cornered heart
Felt alive again
And she could hear
Music of raindrops again...

She could hear
Music as her pen
Scrawled across
Her insane thoughts
On blank page
She felt light & happy
Misbehaving with pen
And paper...

Words were her
Cunning companion
Telling it all yet
Hiding in verse too
She knew this is
Just prelude to be
Followed by many poems..

Recklessly abandoning
Her thoughts
Igniting her heart
Every night
She would write
In candle night
Talking to stars
Waiting for moon...

She got her lost '
Reality back through words
She could connect to
Her soul more
She started living more
And felt more beautiful...

Words were here
Home now
Her auditory
And that's what
She needed to live
Her life now and
To stay happy ...

Her words were
Taste of time for her
Which would heal '\
Her everyday
She would write
For herself
To drive her
Sorrow away


moonverse - moon's spell a poem

Moons Spell

She was a girl
In love with her life
One night she saw
Moon hiding behind
The clouds ...

Captivated she
Opened the window
And saw moon
Looking back at her ....

It was past midnight
And looked as if ink
Was spilled in the sky
stars were gleaming more
As if asking her questions
About life ...

Enchanted she took
Her paint and painted
Moon but still she could
Feel flutter in her heart
Maybe it was something else...

She took a pen and paper
To stop the misbehaviour
Of her heart
And wrote a few lines
On moon ...

Sigh she didn't knew
Moon had cast a spell
On her and since then
She has been writing
moonverse everynght...

Her cornered heart
Starts fluttering
Her colour of mind
She feels like
 Using in her words
Her raw emotions
Starts taking hold
Of her
Unless she weaves it
All in poetry ....

painting done by me oil pastel

Monday, August 17, 2015

my first poetry - a poem

I don't know
 how it started
Words blended first
Or it was my heart
Which cried

I just know this
That to heal my self
I took comfort in
Pen & paper
So I could feel light ...

It was always with me
My friend indeed
Whenever I needed it
Soaking my tears &
Hearing me out
Through words

But now the relationship
Is different
Now poetry has become
My life companion
I find solace in words
And don't need anything else.

Maybe that's how
Poets life is but
I am not a poet
I am just someone
Who loves to play
With words and
Write it out in verse.

So this is how it
Started a bit of my story
That's how I entered
World of poetry....


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

the kind of - a poem

The kind of silence
When you can hear
Your heartbeat and
The other person sigh ...

The kind of loneliness
When you are with
Others but still miss someone ...

The kind of poetry
Which tears you apart
But you still write...

The kind of smile
Which you have
Tried to hide the
Pain in your eyes ....

The kind of connection
When your thoughts are
Felt by the other other person
However far they are ..

The kind of happiness
Which makes You glad
even if its for few minutes ...

The kind of longing
In your heart
Which gets quenched
By the rainfall ...

The kind of fire
Which burns in your heart
Making you feel the
Dormant rush of pain
Which comes out as verse ....

The kind of pain
Which holds you together
even when inside
You are breaking apart...

The kind of verse
Not yet written
But echoing In your
Chaotic mind...

The kind of wait
Which is endless
Still we keep waiting
With dried eyes...

The kind of deep void
Which you feel
In your heart but
Can do nothing
Except faking happiness...

That kind f distance
Which cant be crossed
But it hardly matters
As still we can hear
Sigh from afar ...

The kind of words
Which make you bleed
But still can't stop
From weaving poetry ..

The kind of dream
Which makes you pleased
But when You wake Up
You realise it was '
Just a dream ....

painting done by me oil pastel

poetry and a poets life

We write
To breathe
To live
To bleed
To vent
But still we die daily ...
We share
Our pain
Our joy
Our thoughts
Our life
But still
The ache is there....

We weave verse about
Moon & stars
Just to keep ourselves sane ....

we expose our soul
Our heart bleeds
Words are weaved
Into verse & our
scar is revealed ....

Our elusive quality
Is revealed in words
Slowly we know
Ourselves much better
We start listening to
Our soul through
Words we write ...

We keep writing
We keep ripping
Our heart apart
In search of the
Golden metaphor
Lost somewhere in words ...

Some time our
Dormant rush
Of pain is revealed
In verse sometime
Bound fury for
Something bothering us ...

Bound by words
Tangled in shadow
Of memory we use
Our mind as a
Blank canvas &
Keep weaving poetry ....

Call it memory curse
Or painful presence
Of someone in
Our life we write
& write till we die....

theres no end
To this once
You have started writing
Our life becomes
Poetry & daily we keep
Sharing page of life
From it....

So be anything
But a poet
Its a difficult
Life to lead
You can't keep
It all inside & if
You say it all
Everyone knows
Your pain ..

Friday, August 7, 2015

absorb me. - a poem

Absorb me
Rain drops
Make me
Part of you
So I can be anywhere
And not be restricted
 to one place ....
Fade me words
In the verse
I have written
So I can live there
That's where I feel
I belong
Scatter me wind
Break me into
Pieces so I can
Be one with
Universe from
Where I have come
Stars take me to
Moon and leave
Me there so I can
Stay there forever
And weave poetry ....