Tuesday, January 21, 2014

book I loved - The Illicit happiness of other people.

When I read the title of this book I was a bit vague about how the book gonna be but still I picked this one from the library The Illicit Happiness of Other people

by Manu Joseph   is about a young seventeen year  boy named Unni who has committed suicide. Three years after his death how his father Ousep Chacko  with the help of his sons friends finds out about the circumstances which lead to his suicide is what the book about .I was not sure whether I gonna like this book or not but when I started reading this I was in love with Unni's character.Read this one friends for a different kind of take on love ,life and philosophy.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

book I loved - honour

Not always I get a book to read which keeps me gripped till the last page and this one surely did
Honour by Elif Shafaq 

this one is again about  two twin sisters ,how with passage of time they are separate but are still in touch through letters,how they meet again only to get their life totally changed .The book starts with  Esma the daughter of one of the twins naratting the story of her mother Pembe,grandmother and her aunt Jemila.
Esma who is in London with her family tells the story of her mother in a captivating way .Characters are described in such a vivid way that I could imagine them just by reading the pages.The pain of Pembe ,agony of Jemila ,guilt of Iskander,hatred of Esma  and shame of Adam brought tears to my eyes.Do read this book guys ,this one cant be missed
I have read Bastard of Istanbul and Forty rules of love by the same author loved both of them and loved this one too and I am will be looking for another one from the same author.