Friday, April 22, 2011

DIY- Cookie template from Cardboard

I wanted to try this since a long time
so today noon finally i did this
DIY - Cookie Template
Things needed
Cardboard ( i recycled cardboard from carton )
How i did
draw the design on the cardboard
cut it out and keep aside

T o use as cookie cutter
lightly flour the cardboard template on one side
place it on the rolled out dough
with a sharp knife cut out the shape
and keep on plate

keep in fridge for few minutes and bake.
have blogged cookie recipe at Asan Khana
Thats all guys see you all soon
wish you all happy week ahead and ya Happy earth day too

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weekend wrap up 27- Hand painted Ganesha

Things have been preety bad since last few days
so to keep myself busy and positive i did this
how i did
first on paper with poster colour
sketched on canvas

painted with acrylic colour
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Weekend Wrap up 27 hosted by Colours Dekor.
Thats all friends,see you all soon.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weekend wrap up 26 - Wall Decor with recycled craft

This week i didnt do much
just decluttered my sons room
and decorated his room wall
with some simple craft

which i had helped him do
during his winter break .
How i did
For this craft have recycled phone bill papers and cardboard from cartons
the flower is done with pistachio shells i made him colour the shells and then helped him in sticking.
Patricia of Colours Dekor has passed me Versatile Blogger Award

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Thanks a ton Patricia for passing this award to me ;-)
Seven random facts about me-
I luv my space and i get irritated when i dont get one .
I am morning person who enjoys getting up when everyone else is sleeping.
Because of my weird nature people think i am strange
Its take time for me to make friends,but once i make friends ,they are friends for life.
I like to keep myself engage whole day and for that i follow strict plan.
I like to sip my tea alone preferably with some good music.
Cooking is like therapy for me and i really enjoy cooking,..
ya i know i am bit weird,..but then thats how i am ,..;-)
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Some musings,bit of cooking and a simple craft

Rush of fresh air on my cheeks
pitter patter rain drops on the street
fluttering of the leaves on the road
life cant be more beautiful than this
this is what i felt when i was waiting for my son at the bus stop,sometimes i feel so blessed to feel all this -)
Coming back to todays post
Last weekend i finally prepared something from my herb garden,
simple salad with purple basil leaves and cottage cheese
recipe is blogged here
took my son to library ,just like me he is fond of reading too ,
and after the reading session we both shared Tiramisu
Converted this empty Jam bottle into tealight holder
 DIY Tealight holder from jam bottle
things needed
clean jam bottle
scrap paper to stick
tea light
How i did- scraped the label from the jar,stuck the decorative scrap paper
                  did some simple design with glitter
                  kept some shells inside and a tealight .
Books i read ,i am reading

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Thats all friends ,take care ,see you all soon