Tuesday, November 24, 2015

my native

Country which is
Known for its colour
The name of which
Brings smile on
The face of others
The small place
In world known
For its rich culture
For its own rituals
& tradition
Yes that's my native
India that's where I come from
But the world is my home
& will always be..

my native - poetry

You ask me where
Is my native ,,,
You ask me
Which part of earth
I lived .
I am a traveller
Soaking in beauty
Of the world
To say I belong
To one part of
The world no
That's not right
Each day I am
Being born
Each day
Fading in words
Each day breathing
My soul in words
Each day living
As if its last
My home is in
Words & once
You make home
There how can
You belong to one place ,.

poetry - home

To write when
Its all blank
To scatter when
I'm breaking apart
To make home
Amidst memory
I will always be
Picking pen.