Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Had read a lot about Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

so when I saw the book in library picked it, this one is page turner with lots of twist ,this one is about Amy and her husband Nick what happens when Amy disappears on their fifth anniversary and how the search for her leads to various other things ya this one kept me hooked read this one when you have enough time as you won't be able to put this down,..

Thursday, December 11, 2014

book I loved - the painter of signs

Ya I have faint memories of Malgudi days in my mind which we used to watch when we were kids somewhere deep in my mind the music of the TV series still jingles those simple days ,...

so when I saw this  book The painter of signs by R.K.Narayan in our apartment here in Lyon I was elated this one is about Raman the painter and Daisy social worker how Raman painter of signs meets Daisy and falls for her how he tries to woo her and how the story proceeds is what the book about and ya this book is about India too I never thought that women that time in India were so strong headed and willing to follow their own dream loved the character of daisy nd ya loved the book too

book I loved - five days

When I started reading Five days by Douglas Kennedy

I was fascinated by the character of Laura who is busy struggling in her life managing work ,home and kids what happens when she goes to Boston to attend a conference and how her life changes after that is what the book about the name of the book is five days but it tells the story of Laura in a  defined way ya I will be looking for this author when I go to library next...