Thursday, March 10, 2016

a kind of calm - poetry

the way things were by Aatish Taster this book changed me a lot
A must read if you are a writer or poet and love to dream
Sharing few lines inspired from the above lines

A kind of calm
That kind of serenity
Achieved when we have
Peace in our life
When we know
Our purpose and
Fully feel alive
So still that can
hear our own heartbeat
And Voice of our own soul
Once you are a poet
Each moment beautiful ..

Wrote many which I will be sharing slowly this is one of them ...

Monday, March 7, 2016

poetry on shivratri

a day when Shakti
Met with her other part
Union of two souls
Witnessed by moon and stars
A night to celebrate that
Mahashivratri another festival
To add colour in our life..

sharing corner from my home painting done by me oil on canvas -gayness standing next to a door and that's a shiv linga on the right side just above the swastika
Wish you all happy festival..