Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Had read a lot about Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

so when I saw the book in library picked it, this one is page turner with lots of twist ,this one is about Amy and her husband Nick what happens when Amy disappears on their fifth anniversary and how the search for her leads to various other things ya this one kept me hooked read this one when you have enough time as you won't be able to put this down,..

Thursday, December 11, 2014

book I loved - the painter of signs

Ya I have faint memories of Malgudi days in my mind which we used to watch when we were kids somewhere deep in my mind the music of the TV series still jingles those simple days ,...

so when I saw this  book The painter of signs by R.K.Narayan in our apartment here in Lyon I was elated this one is about Raman the painter and Daisy social worker how Raman painter of signs meets Daisy and falls for her how he tries to woo her and how the story proceeds is what the book about and ya this book is about India too I never thought that women that time in India were so strong headed and willing to follow their own dream loved the character of daisy nd ya loved the book too

book I loved - five days

When I started reading Five days by Douglas Kennedy

I was fascinated by the character of Laura who is busy struggling in her life managing work ,home and kids what happens when she goes to Boston to attend a conference and how her life changes after that is what the book about the name of the book is five days but it tells the story of Laura in a  defined way ya I will be looking for this author when I go to library next...

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Books I read,..

When it comes to book most of the time its crime fiction for me so when I saw the book
The Cuckoo's Calling in the library here I couldn't resist ,the second reason was the author
 Robert Galbraith which is pseudonym of J.K. Rowling.
 Story is set in London Cormoran Strike is investigating the murder of model who falls to her death how he unravels the mystery surrounding her death is what the book about .
Another book which I read by the same author is The Casual Vacancy had read a lot about this book in reviews so ya this one was picked from the library for the hype  the book starts with the death of Barry Fairbrother ,and the fight for the vacant seat and how slowly secrets is revealed of the contestants fighting for the election.This  book is also about people living in the town Langford and of their children who are fighting their own battle with their friends ,parents and their own lives .

That's all guys will be back with more book stories soon
Take care and happy blogging,.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

book I loved - Dancing to the flutes

Its been a while since I read a real nice book,a book which warms up the soul and you feel like reading the book without stoping this is one of such book
 Dancing to the Flute by Manisha Jolie Amin the story of the young boy and his desire to learn music and how he lives up his dream is awe inspiring .The main protagonist of the book is Kalu who stays in a small village in Hastinapore and about his friends Bal and Malti .How his life changes when he meets a wandering traveller is what the story is about .Read this one to believe in our dreams.

Gandhi's Sorrow- Book I loved

I picked this book because of the name Gandhi's Sorrow was intrigued by the name and when I read the book I was not disappointed .This book takes us to the era when Gandhiji did Dandi March on 12th March 1930.The effect of the Dandi march on common people and how it leads to murder of close friend of Ghandhiji. How Lady Marmalade solves the mystery with her wit will leave you glued to the last page .
Book Name Gandhis Sorrow
Book Author Jason Blacker

Monday, May 12, 2014

book I loved - A shift in the wind

A shift in the wind – book I loved



When I got the book A shift in the wind by Aminuddin Khan  from the library I never knew that this book would keep me hooked till I finished it ,the only reason I picked this book was because this book is about Nizams of Hyderabad ,whenever I go to library I usually forage for such historical books which will enlighten me more about my own country and that’s what this book did. This book is about Zafar who is brought up in a noble family of Hyderabad, what happens when he falls in love with a married lady who is not ready to leave her aging husband  for him is what the book about .This book is about Zeba too and so many other characters who will keep you entwined till the last page .
Some lines from the book which caught my attention are
-          Try and control your mind.It is easier than you think.Yes it requires patience,perseverance.

-          To be alive ,one must relish life in its entirety.

-          All power comes from within your mind.

-          The world is what you think it is ,and  what you believe it to be is what you will experience.

-          Do not get carried away by popular misconceptions of what the controlled life entails. One does not need to retire to a cave in the Himalayas.The practice of giving up everything is unnecessary. There is no need to reject the world and strive for the eternal.Life itself is eternal and we are its expression.

Thats's all for now friends,will catch up with you all soon.
take care and happy blogging.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Book I loved - Monihara and other stories

When I saw Rabindra Nath Tagores book in library I picked one book and kept it together with the stock of books,the book titled Monihara and other stories

 has short stories based on rural life in Bengal ,such vivid description of characters and the stories written in such a descriptive way that on reading we start feeling one with the characters.My favorite story in this book will be completion ,read this book for insight into the life of people living in that era which we have not seen.

Monday, February 3, 2014

book I loved - As it was written

Just finished reading this book As it was written by Sujatha Hampton

this book is about Nair  family from Kerala setteled in America ,this book is about god fearing Dr.Raman Nair his wife Jaya , their five fat and precious daughters and Geeta Nair his sister.Geeta Nair who is in the midst of writing the story of her great great great Grandmother shares her own story .What happens when Gita meets Chris who is already married and going through his own crisis  and daughters of Nair family start thinking about their own life of which their parents are unaware of and how their aunt helps them who herself has chosen a different path .Read this one to know more,and ya this one was pageturner :-)perfect when you travelling  .

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

book I loved - The Illicit happiness of other people.

When I read the title of this book I was a bit vague about how the book gonna be but still I picked this one from the library The Illicit Happiness of Other people

by Manu Joseph   is about a young seventeen year  boy named Unni who has committed suicide. Three years after his death how his father Ousep Chacko  with the help of his sons friends finds out about the circumstances which lead to his suicide is what the book about .I was not sure whether I gonna like this book or not but when I started reading this I was in love with Unni's character.Read this one friends for a different kind of take on love ,life and philosophy.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

book I loved - honour

Not always I get a book to read which keeps me gripped till the last page and this one surely did
Honour by Elif Shafaq 

this one is again about  two twin sisters ,how with passage of time they are separate but are still in touch through letters,how they meet again only to get their life totally changed .The book starts with  Esma the daughter of one of the twins naratting the story of her mother Pembe,grandmother and her aunt Jemila.
Esma who is in London with her family tells the story of her mother in a captivating way .Characters are described in such a vivid way that I could imagine them just by reading the pages.The pain of Pembe ,agony of Jemila ,guilt of Iskander,hatred of Esma  and shame of Adam brought tears to my eyes.Do read this book guys ,this one cant be missed
I have read Bastard of Istanbul and Forty rules of love by the same author loved both of them and loved this one too and I am will be looking for another one from the same author.