Sunday, May 13, 2018

book i loved - Ophelias Muse

in todays post I will be writing about the book Ophelias Muse
the book starts like a painting itself and I picked it up because the story had refrence of Dante the poet and his muse if you love reading historic fiction pick this book for a story which will take you closer to few paintings and some poems of dante too
must read when you have too much time to slowly soak the magic

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

the balcony

Most of the time I pick books which tell me more about the icy where I was once most of the time its those places which call me back to visit through words again and again
Balcony is one such books the stories are not pleasant ones the characters have too many layers wih each story you come to know more about the character reading this book is like peeling raw onion
Loved it \.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

solitude - micropoetry

Solitude doesn't mean
Being alone and lost
Solitude means
Opening the door
Of your mind.


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

notes on french - how to write date

when I started my journey with French I dint knew there would be so many rules so I will be updating this place with few rules so that I don't forget while saying j'aime francais it may mean I love a French so instead of this its j'aime la Langue francaise same way j'aime la cuisine franchise.

- while saying silvousplait don't stretch on vous it can be rude
- while saying merci R is supposed to be muted

au revoir
c'est le jeudi 17 aout 2015
                     Dix Sept aout deux mille quinze

Monday, August 14, 2017

in love with book - i will see you in paris

so there's a book which has captivated me there's a story within the story the characters are speaking to me and I am enthralled not always there's a book which takes me somewhere like dropping crumbs and I like a hungry pigeon eating the crumbs the book is still there half read on the table maybe I will finish it in a day or two and forget about it but a part of it will stay with me forever ad change me just like you feel after reading a good poem the book is I will see you in paris and for now I am in love with it

Sunday, August 13, 2017

i don't know - prose

I still don't know when I read about Rumi I think it was accidental just the way I found my way through blogosphere and I was struck by his words but I never knew one day I myself would be searching my own way out of words
I don't know how or why words why this urge to write it all on pages knowing one day I myself will be dust all I know maybe one day I will be free maybe one day I wont be trapped trying always a way to speak
I don't know where these words will reach what will be the fate but as a poet that's not my job I am meant to hold the pen not wait and watch
I don't know why this fear why the inhibition why we are scared to hold it all why we need to write why poems one by one ..
I don't know,

Saturday, August 12, 2017

book i loved - an unfinished song

1- a lamp is lit in woman's eye.\,
that souls else lost on earth
remember angels by .

2 - we, are we not as notes of music are
   to one another though dissimilar
   such difference without discord as can make 
  those sweetest sounds in which all spirits shake
 as trembling leaves in a continuous air?

few poems from the book An unfinished song which is translation of Swarnakumari Debi Ghosal's Bengali novel Kahake pulished in 1898 " to whom " or an indian love story .

when I picked this book from the library I thought its a poem book but I was wrong its a story book written by sister of Rabndranath Tagore, so yes it does give a peek of woman during that time what enthralled me was the voice and the beauty of that time captured elegantly I will be looking for more books by the same author read this book to know india which we will never see.