Wednesday, March 13, 2019

book review - my friend my enemy - Ismat Chughtai

This book on non fiction by Ismat Chughtai has many windows about the life which I have not seen. I specially loved the essay on Manto by her in which she painted about his life in a tragic way.
the essay my friend my enemy show two sides of her life while one part talk about her good heart the other part talks what she couldn't understand in manto

some of my favourite quotes.

"will god break this brass shell one day and come out."

"now it doesn't matter if the world refers to the heroine of contemporary literature as immodest or repugnant because our times have allocated the status of a heroine to her.She is the brick formed as a result of history's upheavals, a brick that has found its place in the construction design."

"literature and life, literature and society, and literature and history go hand in hand. If any of these is separated from the other it will be destroyed altogether. In other words, a vacuum will be created is literature is cut off from life and the hero is separated from the heroine.

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