Monday, March 30, 2015

Ode to you all from my heart.

It will be three months on 13th April since I started writing daily verse and poems.It started when I read few verse and discovered Heartsoup on twitter, followed by many other poetry prompt hosts and since then theres no looking back I am totally hooked to this new found passion of mine so this is from my heart special ode to you all .Thanks Ashverse,Madverse,Fieryverse,Heartsoup,Hearsmeal,Soulhoot,Wordstew,wordverse,ntitle,Writtenriver,
Versereversal,Asymetrical life,Homoaquarius,Magickwords,mspoetry,microprompt and powerofmywords.

I don't know how to say this
As I am not good
In expressing my feelings
Its just a special thanks
To you all
For doing something
Which makes me gay
And takes my sorrow away .
Its like I can talk to my soul
Can understand myself more
Life would have been dull
Without this
So thanks a ton
For pulling me
Towards this .
Just like a butterfly
Is attracted towards
I am also restless
Till I have weaved the
The words into verse
For you all.
So a special ode from
My heart
For you all
And how can I forget '
The special gems
Whose verse I read
Intimate strangers though
They know who they are.
Thanks for making me
Smile with your
Verse everyday .

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That's all friends take care and happy blogging.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

poem on woman safety

Old God
Didn't you hear cicadas cry
When she was wounded
& ready to die.
Old god
Spare some thoughts For her
As she is calling
Out your name when hurt .
Old god
Is my yesterday dream shattered
When we would walk freely
Without getting hurt.
Old god
I write this in torchlit night
With a broken pencil in my hand
Hoping for respite.
Old god
I don't want lavish lifestyle
Just a world safe for us
Where we can walk with our head high.
Where we wont be punished
And there wont be any prejudice
 thoughts for us
And we live with gleam in our eyes.
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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Cascade of Saaphire - a poem

We were cascade of sapphire once
But now we are battered & bruised
But that wont kill the competitive spirit in us
Because we are born to rule .
We do have unseen emotions in us
Which gets awakened by wolverine like you
So leave us in our territory
Or the hell would be on loose.
You can never bind us
By your rule & books.
Set us free & then you will see
Though lost we will be happy.
I know all this will seem
Like polished lie to you
But that's what truth is
Which is not seen by you.
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Saturday, March 7, 2015

on being a woman - a poem

Its my perspective
Which doesn't matches
With you
But that's a small thing
I know.
Living together
Would have been easy
If only men could understand
What we think .
We are caught in time
& should go with flow
Healed or wounded
Would have to reach the shore.
Mismatched fragments
That's what we are
Joined together
But broken apart.
So in hushed moan
I say this
You can never understand us
That's what truth is
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Friday, March 6, 2015

India's Daughter - a poem

Indias daughter you are preety
But hide your beauty
 thats what inévitable warning is 
Because it's not safe to be out 
There are werewolfs walking a round. 
Indias daughter do not study 
Its like joining mismatched fragments
 which çant be fixed 
Because when you go out to work 
There's no guarantee that you come back un wounded. 
Indias daughter do not enjoy life 
Sit at home and see life passing by 
If you go out you not steady 
That's what in hushed moan say many. 
Indias daughter dont love any 
You May have to pay passion price to Many 
If you love you May be Killed
Passion of yesterday will be just dream.
Indias daughter do not marry
You can be killed for dowry 
People say marraige is to make you safe
But instead it's like a death trap .
Indias daughter do not have kids
You will be blamed if it's a girl child 
So just sit back and enjoy life 
Instead of inviting trouble all the while .
Indias daughter help me and pray this instead 
That in next birth you are somewhere else in peace 
So that you can live your life 
And  be glad that you are Alive.
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