Monday, March 30, 2015

Ode to you all from my heart.

It will be three months on 13th April since I started writing daily verse and poems.It started when I read few verse and discovered Heartsoup on twitter, followed by many other poetry prompt hosts and since then theres no looking back I am totally hooked to this new found passion of mine so this is from my heart special ode to you all .Thanks Ashverse,Madverse,Fieryverse,Heartsoup,Hearsmeal,Soulhoot,Wordstew,wordverse,ntitle,Writtenriver,
Versereversal,Asymetrical life,Homoaquarius,Magickwords,mspoetry,microprompt and powerofmywords.

I don't know how to say this
As I am not good
In expressing my feelings
Its just a special thanks
To you all
For doing something
Which makes me gay
And takes my sorrow away .
Its like I can talk to my soul
Can understand myself more
Life would have been dull
Without this
So thanks a ton
For pulling me
Towards this .
Just like a butterfly
Is attracted towards
I am also restless
Till I have weaved the
The words into verse
For you all.
So a special ode from
My heart
For you all
And how can I forget '
The special gems
Whose verse I read
Intimate strangers though
They know who they are.
Thanks for making me
Smile with your
Verse everyday .

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That's all friends take care and happy blogging.

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Deepi's World said...

Hi coming from color dekor party...nice attempt..glad that you started something new and sticking to it. Will drop by another time to read more. Happy Blogging!