Saturday, April 4, 2015

For few day - a poem

For few days I was lost 
Amidst butterfly & wild flowers 
Where I couldn't hear myself 
Just the waves hitting the rocks .
Where there were no buildings
Just the hills and the sea 
Where we were not limited
By seeing time & managing things .
Where I could here the seagulls 
Fluttering and screeching above sea
Where the azure ness of the sky blended with the sea 
& gave me glimpse of infinity.
To see such a place 
Was always a dream 
& after coming back from
I feel as I had a therapy .
As there I was just me 
Not running around but at peace 
Now I know how it feels
To be in heaven
As that place was heaven for me .
Would have written many 
But didn't dare to do that 
As had promised myself 
That this moment is just for myself 
Not for wandering to places 
Not for musing things 
The moment was for now
& I am glad I lived it . 

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