Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Story - Poem

Wrote this poem for an event last year ,edited it today to suit the prompts sharing with you all for the poetry month.

The day you are away I am sad
The day you there I am glad
So is my story my own story
Or its your own story.
The day you frown I am mad
The day you smile I am elated
Still my love I am eager to write
My story with your own story
The day you scream I am distressed
The day you plead I am helpless
So still I am trembling
To write or not our story
The day you read I was scared
The day you tore I wept
Still I am trying to rewrite
Our own true story .
The day when we met
The day we ran
Away from others
To create our own story.
No reason to share this
Still I gather my energy
So that can silence
The wailing cavern inside me
This one is story of disaster
With specks of love
The only consolation
though dark embrace
I still love it.
To love you was my choice
I can still feel the warmth
But I have been ravens pray
I know this in my heart.

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