Thursday, April 9, 2015

seasons - a poem

Sometime I feel would the world 
Be the same if theres No season 
It would mean living with Just 
One émotion which is not sane .
Season teachs us the value of colours
How life becomes bleak during winters 
And We search for réason to stay 
at home which becomes our  treasure Trove .
How pleasent it is during rain 
When We can smell the earth 
from where We came and can 
listen to the sweet Melody 
Of rain.
Fall teaches us We all Have to go
We are transient Just like 
leaves on the floor .
Summer means Life can be 
Bright how ever dark it is 
There will be light .
Spring means a new picture 
How ever bad it is 
We can start again filling our Life with 
New colour and  vigour .
Sometimes theres stormy horizon
 when We are Ravens prêy for No réason 
Still with courage and  préservance 
We bring life Back on track.
So all seasons are equal 
We need them all 
Thats the message to all 
Angelic hearts reading this verse .

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