Thursday, April 9, 2015

who are we - a poem

Wrote this poem few months back this one is again on my favourite subject - woman

Who are we
Are we born to live
With bated breath
Or we wait to die
With each passing day
Just fluttering by.
Who are we
Are we allowed to complete
Our cherished dreams
Or we wait to see
Them being shattered
In front of our eyes.
Who are we
Are we human
Just like others
Or just some aide
To help others
In this journey called life.
Who are we
Are we some flower
Meant to be loved
Or just some thorn
Which though prick others
Is not cut.
Who are we
Are we the dewdrops
Up from the sky
Or just some tears
Welled up somewhere
Brimming our eyes.
Who are we
The answer to this
Is still a mystery
The day I find out
wil sure be
Happy & grim.
(wrote few months back)

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