Monday, April 27, 2015

When a girl Is born - a poem

When a girl is born
Its like a new dawn
As she opens her êyes
It looks like a Sky .

She looks preety in pink 
And with toothless Grin
She is angel from above
Who makes us aglow.

But as she grows
She is not told
Thats its not her Life 
She is bonded for Life .

So while she laugh
With glint in her êyes
Little she Knows 
That the Spark gonna Die .

For some twenty years 
She lives without fear 
And then one day 
Her freedom is taken away.
They say to make her complète
To live her Life in peace 
Its better for her 
To be with some one else.

So with new Dreams in her êyes
Leaving her parents behind
She smiles for the new start 
With joy in her heart .
But alas she doesnt Know 
That she is limiting her flow 
The one who was boundless
Is now confinéd to shore .

She is told she was princess
But now she is queen 
But the irony is not this 
Its something else within.

Her Life is not her Anymore
Her laughter is not heard
When she smiles its for other
For her its Just tears.

Her Words are not understood 
Her cries is  not heard 
Her Time is not her Anymore 
She withers be cause of fear.

Still she lives 
Keeps her sanity in peace 
By doing such things 
Which make her pleased.

She knows if she is happy 
Then only she can live 
Or She is dead 
With a beating heart indeed.

So when  she sees a little girl 
Thus she whispers in her ears
Live your Life my girl
For this Life is for others.

No one told me this 
But i am telling you this 
Fly when you can
As soon u Will have broken wings.

So when the girl smiles 
With glint in her êyes 
Woman too smiles
With tears in her êyes 

And thus she continues
To tread Life Journey 
To smile for others 
And to cry deep within 

To Find her Own happiness
To fight for her Own will 
Loving Herself Just like others
And finding peace within .

Thats the story of a woman 
In Many part of this world 
I know We All have différent perspective 
Just Shared with you What felt .

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