Sunday, April 5, 2015

we are mere specks - a poem

This poem I wrote few years back as its poetry month this whole month thought of sharing few of my old poems which I have never shared with anyone .This one is first poem from the collection .

We are mere specks
In this ocean called life
Still we strive
To survive.
We don't know
When we will dissolve
Still we keep
So many issues unsolved.
We were born to die
To live this life
Still we live
With bated breath.
We have our friends
Whom we met
Still we weep
With tears unseen.
We are meant to be sink
In the deep sea beneath
Still we float
Choked up with worries.
We are bound to fly
Up In the sky
Still we limp
With our legs beneath.
We smile sometimes
Of the bygone time
Still we plead
To relive .
We made mistakes
Just for the sake
Still we make
But now we are awake.
We said some words
Without knowing the worth
Still we think
Of those unknown deed.
We will be gone one day
Up and away
Still we live
To live like this.
But when I am gone one day
Like a whiff of wind up and away
Still I think
Will I be ever missed.
By my friends & foe
By my fellows
Will I be forgived
And be truly missed.
When you read this one day
What will you say
Still I think
With a deep grief.
(wrote few yrs back)

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