Thursday, July 30, 2015

why I write - a poem

why I write - a poem

since past few months
I wrote a lot
And maybe by doing
That exposed a lot
Some stories from
My past ...
Some memories
Which I cherish in
My heart ..
My pain hidden in
My longing for
Moon & star,,, and
By writing my heart
Out I got to know
What I am made up of .,,,
Now I am so much in
Love with words
That its difficult to
Stay apart from them,,,
Maybe some soul connection
From past but I realised
Quiet late,,,
I never knew that
Rainfall would make me
Insane ,,,
I would be lost in moon
And star always ,,
Just looking at amethyst
Sky I would feel like
Writing a Story ...
It feels now I belong there
And by mistake I am
Human being ...
So yes it makes me happy
But it painful too
Its not easy to write all
The way I do
But now writing has
Become dairy of life
Will continue to do
Till I am living ...


Friday, July 10, 2015

words help me breathe - a poem

In my satin eyes
I have many dreams
If you look closely
You will Be lost
In the cerulean depth
Of the eyeballs but
Still wont be able
To decipher what all
Is hidden there ....
Had forgotten to live
My eyes had forgotten
To see dream
Then with awakening
I realised
That life is passing by
And since then I haven't
Its been a roller coaster
Ride for my exiled  heart
If you read slowly my verse
You will find hidden meaning there
Few dark angels in my life
Taught me lot all the while
Breaking me open to say it all
Whenever I would reach
Melting point and wouldn't tolerate
So yes I am living a new life
Words help me breathe and in
Words I want to die
Within I am free to
Say it all words give me
Wings to cross thousand miles,..

within I am free - a poem

I am wandering soul
But I am bounded by
Many things,...
My exiled heart beats
But is controlled
By other beings
Tender yearning
Of my heart
I take out by writing
Tame the uncontrollable
Desire by scrawling it
Across as musing
Crossing line between
Pain and; joy
I am living my life
Not defeated by way of
Life I have wanderlust
In my eyes
Like building block
I play with the words daily
Stacking them together
By weaving poetry
So yes though my
Life is chaotic
Within I am free
From everything
I have my own
Serene space in my
Heart which brings me
Peace and keeps me going...

Thursday, July 9, 2015

scrawling across memories - a poem

to live
This kind of life
Where I fight daily
Battle through words
Writing my pain out
No this was not my
Choice but when
Writing heals my scars
Makes me love my flaws
No I don't want to stop
Crossing lines between
Fiction & reality
I weave my words
Sometimes straight
From heart other
Time to take the
Pain out....
Waking the forgotten
Marvelling at the time
Crossing 1000 miles
To reach peoples heart
Tame uncontrollable
Tender yearning of heart
With no return to my
Normal life I write on
Scrawling across pages
Memories closet to my heartv,...