Friday, July 10, 2015

words help me breathe - a poem

In my satin eyes
I have many dreams
If you look closely
You will Be lost
In the cerulean depth
Of the eyeballs but
Still wont be able
To decipher what all
Is hidden there ....
Had forgotten to live
My eyes had forgotten
To see dream
Then with awakening
I realised
That life is passing by
And since then I haven't
Its been a roller coaster
Ride for my exiled  heart
If you read slowly my verse
You will find hidden meaning there
Few dark angels in my life
Taught me lot all the while
Breaking me open to say it all
Whenever I would reach
Melting point and wouldn't tolerate
So yes I am living a new life
Words help me breathe and in
Words I want to die
Within I am free to
Say it all words give me
Wings to cross thousand miles,..

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