Thursday, April 23, 2015

poem for you Advay on your 8th birthday

What should I write 
When i see you smile 
Unraveling Life mystéries
With all your might .

Its difficult to pen in Words 
What I See and observe 
But yes this is true 
Lifes beautiful because of you.

Love it When you choose 
My favorite macaron
And lové it Even more
That you Know the flavor too.

Or the way you Tell the jôkes
Smiling before you start 
And Then Waiting for me too
To Laugh Just like you.

I love the way you giggle  
When We read the strips together 
Of Calvin nd hobbes
ANd of some time snoopy too.

When We out for walk 
Together or apart
I Know you Will Turn
To Check whether I am there or not.

Or when you take pics
& ask me how it is
Whether Its Nice or not
& will I paint with it too

Of the excitement
In your eyes when you
See me cooking
On your own coming & helping

My Life is a beautiful book
& you a new page which
I turn everyday çant wait
To find more tomorrow
& everyday .

I Know soon this to shall pass
Just like your Kinder years
But I want it to be slow 
So that I can go with flow

Life would have Been 
dull without you
And I thank god
For giving gem like you 

So now I hope you are pleased
That I have compléted this 
ANd now u wont say 
That I dont write verse for you .

So Happy birthday Advay 
This year you turn eight
Wish you lots of happiness 
Thats all I Want to say ....

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