Tuesday, August 18, 2015

moonverse - moon's spell a poem

Moons Spell

She was a girl
In love with her life
One night she saw
Moon hiding behind
The clouds ...

Captivated she
Opened the window
And saw moon
Looking back at her ....

It was past midnight
And looked as if ink
Was spilled in the sky
stars were gleaming more
As if asking her questions
About life ...

Enchanted she took
Her paint and painted
Moon but still she could
Feel flutter in her heart
Maybe it was something else...

She took a pen and paper
To stop the misbehaviour
Of her heart
And wrote a few lines
On moon ...

Sigh she didn't knew
Moon had cast a spell
On her and since then
She has been writing
moonverse everynght...

Her cornered heart
Starts fluttering
Her colour of mind
She feels like
 Using in her words
Her raw emotions
Starts taking hold
Of her
Unless she weaves it
All in poetry ....

painting done by me oil pastel

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