Wednesday, August 12, 2015

the kind of - a poem

The kind of silence
When you can hear
Your heartbeat and
The other person sigh ...

The kind of loneliness
When you are with
Others but still miss someone ...

The kind of poetry
Which tears you apart
But you still write...

The kind of smile
Which you have
Tried to hide the
Pain in your eyes ....

The kind of connection
When your thoughts are
Felt by the other other person
However far they are ..

The kind of happiness
Which makes You glad
even if its for few minutes ...

The kind of longing
In your heart
Which gets quenched
By the rainfall ...

The kind of fire
Which burns in your heart
Making you feel the
Dormant rush of pain
Which comes out as verse ....

The kind of pain
Which holds you together
even when inside
You are breaking apart...

The kind of verse
Not yet written
But echoing In your
Chaotic mind...

The kind of wait
Which is endless
Still we keep waiting
With dried eyes...

The kind of deep void
Which you feel
In your heart but
Can do nothing
Except faking happiness...

That kind f distance
Which cant be crossed
But it hardly matters
As still we can hear
Sigh from afar ...

The kind of words
Which make you bleed
But still can't stop
From weaving poetry ..

The kind of dream
Which makes you pleased
But when You wake Up
You realise it was '
Just a dream ....

painting done by me oil pastel

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