Tuesday, August 18, 2015

her first poetry - apoem

Everything was
Waste for her
All she needed
Was herself
The day she found
Her happiness within
That day she wrote
Her first poetry...

She let it out all
Her pain her joy
As words
And yes
She felt liberated....

By writing she
Got the ultimate
Taste of life
Her cornered heart
Felt alive again
And she could hear
Music of raindrops again...

She could hear
Music as her pen
Scrawled across
Her insane thoughts
On blank page
She felt light & happy
Misbehaving with pen
And paper...

Words were her
Cunning companion
Telling it all yet
Hiding in verse too
She knew this is
Just prelude to be
Followed by many poems..

Recklessly abandoning
Her thoughts
Igniting her heart
Every night
She would write
In candle night
Talking to stars
Waiting for moon...

She got her lost '
Reality back through words
She could connect to
Her soul more
She started living more
And felt more beautiful...

Words were here
Home now
Her auditory
And that's what
She needed to live
Her life now and
To stay happy ...

Her words were
Taste of time for her
Which would heal '\
Her everyday
She would write
For herself
To drive her
Sorrow away


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