Tuesday, August 18, 2015

thats how you become poet - a poem

Maybe that's how
You become a poet
But no regrets ...

Its like dieing
And living everyday
Its like splurging of
Emotions suddenly
Or being engulfed
By a wave of pain ...

Feeling flutter in
Your cornered heart
Finding beauty in
Searching star in
Midnight stained sky
Making moon your
muse forever ,,,

Getting lost in
Being in awe of
Hearing murmur of
Words always
Misbehaving heart
Creating chaos
Because of untamed
Raw emotion ...

But you are
Never alone when
You are a poet
You are always``
Surrounded by
Myriad of things and
Feel belong somewhere else

You don't know
Where you belong
You are lost always
In chemical insanity
Of pen and words
Losing your identity
Or finding your new self...


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