Saturday, August 22, 2015

that feeling - a poem

that feeling - a poem

That feeling
When you are
Lost at words
But want to
Say something
You keep struggling
In your heart
But don't know
How to say it all

That verse
Which is in
Your heart
But you can't
Write in words
That wish which
You want to
Fulfil but can't as
Its not in your hand...

That longing
Which burns
Your heart
But thought of
Which brings
Smile to your face
That star which you
Love but is too afar ...

That dream
Which follows you
Every night
That shadow
Which is always
With you but
However hard you
Try you can't catch it...

That ache which
Has turned you
Into a poet
And making You
Fill pages every night
That changing light
Which engulfs you
With pain always ...

That moon which
Sneers at you still
You wait for it everyday
That rain which burns
You Still you wait to
Get drenched ...

That standing alone
And gazing at sky
As if it will answer
Your questions
That colour of
Your mind going
Black and white
With memory...

That ebullience
Which you fake
Everyday to hide
Pain in your heart
Those tears which
Keep smudging
The words in
Your verse ...

That smoke of
Memory in front
Of your eyes always
But You love being
Engulfed with it
That music which
Speaks your story ...

That unknown
Comfort in writing
That spanning of
Wheel from morning
To night knowing
You wont get anything ..

That empty hour
When You do
Nothing except
Tearing pages
One by one
That going against
The tide coming
Back empty hand ...

That flutter of heart
In anticipation  of
Someone knowing
That they wont come
That talking to stars
As If they know
What's going in
Our hollow heart

That going to bed
Thinking everything
Will be fine next day
But the next day
Burning in the same pain
And hiding it again ...

That labyrinth of
Thoughts creating
Havoc in your heart
That happiness of
Few minutes but
Bringing smile
On your face for hours ...

That wait for
Dream dealer
To go to moon
That disconsolate
Feeling among
Your own
That urge to keep
Writing till pain
Disappears ...

That jumbled space
In you mind filled
With precious memories
Those lone night
When you sit and
Fight pain by
Converting them
Into verse...


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