Monday, August 24, 2015

broken wings - a poem

broken wing - a poem

This is not
A story
Of you or me
But of everyone
On life's journey ..

We are born to live
But sometimes we
Feel suffocated
As if theres no freedom
And our wings have been cut ...

We try to fly
With broken wings
And bruised heart
By trying to cross
Barbed wire and
Getting more hurt
In the process..

How deep is the
Pain don't ask
We try to seek
Happiness through pain
Try to shine on
With tears gleaming
In our eyes as we
Know theres no end...

We try to find
Refuge by writing
Our insane thoughts
And thinking this
Will bring us happiness
But this is just a support
To carry on with a smile forever ...

Hundred of way
To  find happiness
But some days not
Even one works
We feel lost fighting
Our own crippling fear ...

But maybe this is
Also  a way to teach
Us things we will never know'
To tell us divine light
Exists in us and we
Alone can make
A new way for us..

Poem and image copyright2015 notyet100


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