Sunday, June 21, 2015

dont show me - a poem

Don't show me - a poem

That you love me
By words or your verse
I have enough of your
Love ,...
Don't push aside me
Be there by my side
So I can see you
I know I can't walk
With you aside
Don't find yourself
In my words its
All pain there
Which will make You
Don't think my life
Is wasted because
I met you its beautiful
indeed with memories
I treasure ..
Don't feel bad
With my hardest words
Those words are for
Me to heal not to
Hurt you my love,...

When the night stumbles - a poem

When the night stumbles a poem

When the night stumbles
Under the moonlit night
I search for your name
To feel untold delight.
I know wherever you are
Its the same sky up above
The same caressing moon
Calming your soul with
Its resplendent night.
I don't know about you
But I can feel it from here
The silent wishes of your heart
Making me coliquate all the while.
Maybe one day we will be
Together under the same gleaming sky
Searching for our name together
Because love never dies.

he wasn't mine - a poem

He wasn't mine - a poem

He wasn't mine
But still I tried
So that pain in my
Heart could die
Ours was not a
Love story but
Still I wrote
Just to feel a
Pinch of love
From his side.
Whispered words
In my heart are the
Fateful excuse for this
And so I did to
Make peace with it.
I know if I love him
Have to let go of him
With sweet torture
Of memories
Piercing me within.
He taught me how to
Live & the true meaning
Of loving with ashes of
Dried rose in my book
Of love I miss him
And sigh

to find yourself - a poem

To find yourself - a poem

To find yourself
In my eyes
Where I have trapped you
Forever my love .
To find yourself
In my heart
Where your name is
Chiselled by my pen.
To find yourself
In my old soul
Where I can feel you
Whenever I miss you love .
To find yourself
In my verse
Where you are there
Hidden between words.
Wish could push aside
Your thoughts
But then it will be
Wasted life for me my love .
No one but you knows
What's in my heart
That's enough for me
Gives me solace .
So till then find
Yourself in my
Midsummer night dreams
Where I will be waiting
For You under the
 crystal moon,..