Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine theme hand painted tshirt

After such a long time tried my hand in painting today
,was bit wary about how it would look but was quiet satisfied with the finished tshirt,
this one is simple one done with sequins,and fabric water colour,huh it feels so good to paint and create something new everytime,doing this craft always cheers me up even though if i am doing this in the middle of the night...;-) i am with few more tshirts will do them soon,..till thn take care ad hapy bloggin and ya stay tuned guys,..;-)


The Cooking Photographer said...

I like your shirts. I think standing up for things like this is important. Although we don't have tigers here.

karizma said...

sweet thirt :) sohbet odaları very good chat

Aditi Sameer said...

Very nice work.
Best wishes