Wednesday, January 30, 2013

book review - the saffron gate

When I started reading The Saffron gate

by Linda Holeman I didn't had any idea that I would be glued to the book till the last page it ,and that's what happened .I was so intrigued by the culture and life of the city of Marrakech   and by the character of Sidonie O Shea ,how she finds  the doctor who had left her in Newyork,and what's the secret which he is hiding from her.
.the book is captivating and mesmerised me with the vivid description of the beautiful city with rich detail about everything be it food,clothes ,architecture  and the lifetsyle.


Reema Saravanan said...

Will try to get hold of this book

Patricia Torres said...

I havent read the book.. but have always wanted to go to Morocco... :)