Wednesday, September 2, 2015

choked words - poem

Sometimes words
Are choked somewhere
You want to write
But can't because of pain
To remove cloak
Of memories you stab
Yourself again and again ...

You don't worry
About now or beyond
You are lost somewhere
Maybe under stars
In a rusted dream
Stuck somewhere
In your cluttered heart..

You keep chasing
Elusive destiny which
You can never reach
Wrapped in memory
Writing each moment
In poetry ...

Hiding our hollowness
In words
Converting sadness inside
Into verse
Which gleams forever
We live chasing happiness
In small things ...

But to leave it to
To hide our pain
In cluttered heart
To live without
Purity of truth
Is like dieing daily ...

For some maybe
They are just words
But not for poets
Its a way for them
To breathe again
Through verse ...

In pursuit of
In search of
Our lost soul
To find meaning
Of life we pick
Our pen and write
Our heart out...

We know what
Is the reality
Still to drench
In memory again
And to fight with
Our hollowness
Or just to live again
We write ..

There's no end to this
When you are a poet
Your life becomes poetry
Everyday you kept writing
But never going back to
Read your old poetry...

Because we know
If we turn the pages
We will be filled with sadness
So we don't look back
Knowing we will be
Engulfed with pain...

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