Saturday, August 12, 2017

book i loved - an unfinished song

1- a lamp is lit in woman's eye.\,
that souls else lost on earth
remember angels by .

2 - we, are we not as notes of music are
   to one another though dissimilar
   such difference without discord as can make 
  those sweetest sounds in which all spirits shake
 as trembling leaves in a continuous air?

few poems from the book An unfinished song which is translation of Swarnakumari Debi Ghosal's Bengali novel Kahake pulished in 1898 " to whom " or an indian love story .

when I picked this book from the library I thought its a poem book but I was wrong its a story book written by sister of Rabndranath Tagore, so yes it does give a peek of woman during that time what enthralled me was the voice and the beauty of that time captured elegantly I will be looking for more books by the same author read this book to know india which we will never see.

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