Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cupcake Tanktop to match the accessories

Most of the time we feel that day by day we are getting older ,we dont have any right to do certain things like wear cute clothes and feel good,as we have passed that age,even i used to feel that way then one fine day this realization dawned on me that why to think we are getting old and feel old after all this is just one life which we have to live as if today is the last day,without wasting even a second,..:-)

Coming back to todays post i bought this cute cupcake necklace and bracelet for myself,.the day i bought i had promised myself that i will paint a top to match the accessories , noon when Advay was busy with his toys i took out my craft material and created this for myself,..looks cute isnt it,.;-)
I have tried my best to match with the cupcake charm in the bracelet above .
To create this things needed
tank top white colour
fabric colour pink,yellow and brown
draw a rough outline on a paper
draw the same on tshirt
keep a cardboard underneath the surface to be painted
colour with fabric colour.

thats all cute cupcake tank top is ready to be worn,.:-)
i am linking this post to I am loving it at Tidy Mom space
and to motivate me monday # 37.


Pink Little Cake said...

So adorable!

Susan and Abraham said...

hey dear you remember 30 best recipes of 2009
this year i am going to do something similar. oct it will start on my blog. so do not forget to check it out


Jerri said...

Cute top!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my earrings!

Purnima@a creative project said...

Very cute!!

pallavi said...

waah this looks nice. did u get pink shoes too?

Patricia Torres said...

Oh my gosh.... oh my gosh!! this is so cute! I've actually grown out of the prim & proper age.. and have not modified to doing things like my 5 year old.. I wear silly jewellery.. and sometimes.. just laught at myself... and be silly... Its all good fun!!! :-)