Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Glimpse of the coziest corner of my home

I bet everyone has some place special in their home where they feel good ,comfy and cozy,:-) that space is the much needed space where they can just sit back and relax and take a break for few minutes,or do things which they like to do the most isnt it,.?

I write my blog post of the time in the night before going to sleep,this is the space where i sit back,relax ,with cup of cofee or hot chocolate with marshmallows and do things which i like to do be it blogging,reading book ,listening to  music be it anything,
On the corner table i have Ganesha statues which gives me immense strength
pot pourri of rose in a small bowl which freshens me up
sunflowers which brightens me and
a tealight holder

I am linking this post to Colours Dekor link party - Cozy Corners.


Patricia Torres said...

Oh my!! this is lovely.. and I love the way you've explained why its cozy..

thanks for linking in... Its lovely to meet you!!

Kelsey said...

xoxo thank you for your comment <3

Purnima@a creative project said...

Its look beautiful, very cozy indeed!!!