Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weekly wrap up 45 - Book i read

Book i read this week

The Marraige Bureau for Rich People - by Farhad Zama
The story is set in coastal town  Visakhapatnam which is major sea port on the south east coast of India.The main characters are Mr Ali. who owns the marraige bureau ,his son Farhan who works for various NGOs and Aruna who works as assistant at the marraige bureau.Book starts with the opening of the Marraige Bureau,in the midst Farhad takes us to attend Muslim wedding and the book ends with Hindu wedding with vivid description of clothes,food and custom.While reading the book i felt as if i am attending the wedding;-)
this one is light one perfect for weekend read,.;-)
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thats all guys ,take care ,see you all soon,.


Nisha said...

ths post is interesting...new infrmn too

Patricia Torres said...

wow!! I truly need to get back to reading.. 24hrs.. simply isnt enough for me.. :))