Monday, April 9, 2012

some new decor items from India,..:-)

hello friends,hope you all are doing good,i ahve got so much to share this month ,lots and lots of stuff,some books i read,some craft idea,and so many other things,
todays post i gonna share the pics of some stuff which my sisters and mother gifted me when i went New Delhi last week
ganesha bell by my sister ,which now hangs on the door knob

puppets too from my sister
decked up pot from my mother
and this fish with bells
and this wall decor
this lamp with shells is from my younger sister
and this white tea light holder and white marble box is from Agra hubby got,...:-)
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thats all friends,wish you all happy week ahead
take care and happy Blogging


Veda Murthy said...

love the puppets! its so beautiful

Shama Nagarajan said...

beautiful awesome gifts....lovely

Patricia Torres said...

All of the stuff is so pretty.. specially the bells in the first pic.. I got those as well this time.. slightly bigger.. but havent managed to hang them up anywhere.. Your idea of hanging them on the door .. is fab!!

kala said...

They are so prettyyy