Saturday, March 24, 2012

Books i read - The Wedding wallah and,..

last year i had read The Marriage Bureau for rich people and The Many Conditions of Love by
 Farahad Zama.
I luved the first one but the second one  was bit heavy ,so when i saw the third book of the series The Wedding Wallah i had to pick it up from the library.First in the series was too good,and then i luved the wedding wallah.I luved the way author has portrayed the characters in the story,so real and practical,my favourite character is Aruna and Pari .Do read the book and pair it with a cup of tea and a bowl of Poha,..enjoy life,..;-)
Poha recipe blogged here
Chai/tea recipe blogged here
On a different note -I wont be updating this space of mine as i am off for India tomorrow,so see you all soon .take care and Happy Blogging .

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